Happy to announce that the TuneTrade airdrop was a success and has closed.

This was our first run, but we may run the bot again in the near future, so make sure to follow our socials for announcements.

Airdrops are common place in the world of crypto & blockchain projects today. Airdrops function to serve 2 main pursposes:

  1. To help increase distribution of a new coin or token.
  2. To bring awareness to a new project/token/coin, usually with an attached bounty. For example: in order to collect some free coins or tokens you have to join or follow one or more platforms such as Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Her are the results to our airdrop that lasted 3 1/2 days:

  • We received 80,000 Telegram followers and emails
  • 7000 new twitter followers
  • 2000 new Instagram followers
  • 700 YouTube followers and
  • And few thousand Facebook followers

The interesting thing was, that following our Telegram and providing an email was the only prerequisite, however all of our socials increased organically as a side effect. When compared to traditional focused advertising, this seems far superior to running FB, Google, or Instagram ads. Not to mention many of these platforms have currently banned crypto based advertising.

An interesting fact though, is it appears about 60-70% of the participants came from Asia. This is great because we now have a good deal of exposure in Asia, but most do not speak English and therefore do not engage in chat. Knowing this our next run will include translations and perhaps a dedicated translator.

One of our reasons for doing this airdrop was to see how it could perform as a tool for creators & influencers to increase their socials. After seeing these incredible results we decided that a specialized service like this should be included in our road-map. We are now looking at developing a reusable bot and token distribution application that customers of TuneTrade will have access to. Stay tuned for updates.

If you participated in the airdrop, we will be doing the distribution at the end of this month. We are currently developing an application to easily distribute tokens at the end of an airdrop.

Discord ERC20 Tip-Bot to Grow A Community

Next up, we would like to introduce our newly implemented Tip-bot in our Discord. You are now automatically given an account attached to your discord and can receive & send tips to anyone in the community. Believe it or not a 16 year old whiz kid coded the whole program and helped us install it. There is some amazing young talent rising up and diving into blockchain.

We will also add bounties and games so members can continue earn & win more TXT. By the end of next week our web-store should be fully operation and you will be able to spend your TXT on gear, digital downloads and unique services, or you can HODL.

Now for a limited time if you simply join our Discord and say hi, someone from the community will tip you some TXT token. So make sure to come join us now https://discord.gg/VUWn8RW