At the time of writing this article there are over 55,000 active wallets holding TXT token. These wallets are spread across the globe to a variety of countries that have a large interest in cryptocurrencies. Our goal is to have close to 100k active wallets by the time the TuneTrade TXT token ends up on an exchange. The race is on.

This was accomplished without running an ICO or token sale. Instead, the TuneTrade project decided to pivot into a smartdrop, bounty, collaboration, and community distribution model. So far this has proven to be the best decision. We are just getting started.

After experiencing a behind the scenes look at 2 previous ICO’s in 2017, it is a huge relief to bypass all that chaos and go straight to focusing on product development and Token distribution. ICO’s are extremely stressful, expensive to do, and full of scammers trying to sell you overpriced & fake services.

Conventions & Crypto Projects are Struggling

The TuneTrade team spent the past 2 days attending the Las Vegas Cryptoblockcon convention. You could feel the bear-market energy in the air. There were only a few ICO’s pitching their projects and everyone was a bit glum. It seemed the majority of the vendors were companies trying to promote their marketing services to ICO’s. The turnout was in line with the state of crypto, a bit on the meh side. 

However, we made it a point to talk to as many people as possible to gauge the sentiment. The consensus was most ICO’s were failing to make their raise. When we mentioned we had our own project, but decided against an ICO, we received an overwhelming amount of support and praise. Even other ICO vendors commented saying, “That was a really smart thing to do, ICO’s are dead”. They couldn’t believe how well we were building our socials and distributing our tokens. In fact we received a couple job offers to help other groups grow their projects. Of-course we declined and said we only have time for TuneTrade. We are all in on this. All-in-all the event was still worth it since we made some great connections.