Our first TXT token airdrop is complete. We currently have 77,128 TXT active wallets and growing. There will be more airdrops in the near future, so make sure to follow us on Twitter & Youtube to be notified of the next one. The TuneTrade community is growing exponentially fast. Thank you to everyone for participating. We are excited for 2019

Note: If you received an email to claim in our TuneTrade Discord using a claim code, that is no longer necessary. We switched to direct deposit to the address you provided when you signed up for the airdrop. All you have to do is check your wallet. The tokens should be there.

I Didn’t Receive My Airdrop Tokens?

If you didn’t receive your airdrop tokens there are 3 possibilities.

Possibility #1 – Some wallets don’t show your tokens until you add them. If you are using a wallet such as metamask or myetherwallet you will need to add custom token.

  1. To do this in Metamask:
    1. click on menu – Add Token
    2. Click, Custom Token
    3. Fill in, Token Address = 0xa57a2ad52ad6b1995f215b12fc037bffd990bc5e
    4. Fill in, Token Symbol = TXT
    5. Fill in Decimals of Precision = 18
  2. To do this in Myehterwallet:
    1. Open your wallet find and click Add Custom Token, fill in
    2. Token Contract Address = 0xa57a2ad52ad6b1995f215b12fc037bffd990bc5e
    3. Token Symbol = TXT
    4. Decimals = 18

Possibility #2 – You didn’t receive the transaction. Sometimes Ethereum will bounce a transaction for one reason or another. If you participated in the airdrop but still did not receive your TXT tokens, DM one of our admin in our Discord or Telegram, send a screenshot of the airdrop bot balance and copy and paste your public address. We will check it and help you.

Possibility #3 – You provided an exchange address or a wallet that does not support ERC20 tokens. Most of these will not allow you to receive an ERC20 and they may be lost forever. If this is the case DM us your address and let us know which wallet or exchange address you used.

Get More TXT Tokens Before Listed On A Major Exchange

Here are a few ways you can earn more TXT tokens before it is too late:

  1. IF you missed the airdrop, don’t worry we will be doing another one soon. Just follow our socials to be notified.
  1. Check the bounties in our Discord. We will be adding ways you can help the community and project to earn TXT
  1. GIVEAWAYS. Join our Discord and go to the #win-txt channel and with one click enter our daily giveaway. We will be giving away over 1000 TXT every day until we are listed on a major exchange.