TuneTrade is a platform that empowers personal brands. Whether you’re a musician, a vlogger, or a streamer, TuneTrade makes it easy for any influencer to provide a unique connection with their audience through the creation of a customized loyalty token.

What makes TuneTrade’s platform novel?

While many of us in the blockchain ecosystem are very familiar with Metamask, ERC tokens and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), the average consumer is not. Without a doubt, the biggest challenge cryptocurrencies face to date is adoption.

One problem with large ICOs was the inability for issuers to stay connected with the same individuals who made their crowdsale a success in the first place. Many people will point to airdrops and bounty campaigns that spread awareness and developed online communities, but most of us can agree these bounty hunters were primarily driven by price speculation rather than unconditional support.

With TuneTrade, we abstracted the issuance process and walk creators through an intuitive process on how to quickly create their own community coin at a marginal cost. By engaging with smaller audiences of truly dedicated fans, creators can tailor their community coin in ways that best suit their brand. Better yet, the ability for fans to participate in a novel form of loyalty directly increases the adoption of blockchain at large as new fans download Metamask (or any Ethereum compatible wallet) to store their favorite creator’s coin.

Why is this important?

Rather than focusing on firms preparing for a Seed or Series A multi-million dollar valuations, we focus on the little guy.

Here at TuneTrade, we don’t believe that an individual should be forced to try and raise millions of dollar to justify the creation of a cryptocurrency. The ability to create a community coin should be available to any individual anywhere in the world. Creators shouldn’t have to seek out highly skilled development talent to take part in the exciting new age of digitized loyalty.

By using TuneTrade, influencers can now benefit from a peer-to-peer kickstarting platform unlike anything they’ve ever seen to date. Whether their token is used to purchase discounted merchandise, tickets to live events, access to private content, or even to simply spread awareness of a creator, TuneTrade is the new onramp to viral marketing.

Changing Creator’s Worlds

For many individuals who have created a successful brand, they can attest to the time, effort and cost associated with getting themselves off the ground floor. We can name thousands of musicians, artists and streamers who were forced to give up their dream due to a lack of funding. Despite the advent of social media allowing for an easier medium to grow a dedicated following, the ability to monetize your fan’s support is harder than even.

Thanks to the creation of TuneTrade, creators are now able to engage their fans in an entirely new way. By setting up a micro-crowdfunding campaign, creators can issue a community token in return for donations from their biggest fans. This effectively allows the creator to continue pursuing their dreams while fans know they were directly responsible for the long-term success of their favorite creator(s).

In our future posts, we will discuss how fans can hold creator’s accountable for their funding by setting milestones that they must reach in order to unlock a particular tranche (i.e. releasing an album, posting five new vlogs, streaming at least 200 hours in a month, etc.)

How does it all work?

TuneTrade utilizes the Ethereum blockchain and a custom ERC20 token, TXT, for the issuance of community tokens. As demonstrated in our prototype, these tokens are listed on our platform and are aggregated based on characteristics such as volume and wallets holding the token. As we roll out our next iteration of the product, TXT will serve two major functions on the platform:

  1. TXT must be purchased and burned when a new community token is created.
  2. TXT serves as the base trading pair for all community tokens in existence.

It’s important to note that TuneTrade never conducted an ICO and that TXT will gradually be incorporated into a variety of new use-cases as more features are rolled out onto the platform. Our main focus is to ensure that TXT provides a strong base as we continue to roll out more novel concepts and ideas.

OEM Solutions

For creators who are interested in our vision but looking for some direction, we’re here to help. As an experienced team with over 10 years in the music industry, we have a very realistic grasp on how to grow a brand from the ground up. We’ve developed brands and social media followings across a wide variety of niches (blockchain, music, vlogging, etc.) and wanted to condense our skillset to one platform.

Our main focus is to ensure that your community coin is everything you hope for it to be and more. While engaging with the TuneTrade team is not necessary for the creation of a community coin, our feedback can go a long way in ensuring that your token considers how to properly roll out a newly issued cryptocurrency including topics such as vesting cliffs, milestones and fundraising targets.

Take Control of the Future

At the end of the day, we want to help ensure that our community coins are as accessible and novel as possible. While TuneTrade currently has over 10k likes and follows on all major social platforms, we still consider this the early days of the platform. It’s important for us to spread awareness in the most clear and concise manner possible.

Here at TuneTrade, we won’t bore you with the technical logistics of how our application works, as it’s truly not something a creator should ever be concerned about. Our main focus is connecting creators to their fans in an entirely new paradigm. As time evolves, we truly believe that TuneTrade will be an absolute game-changer for breaking new influencer careers.

If you’re interested in our product and are eager to learn more, please schedule a demo with us by reaching out kalani@tunetrade.io. To hear about what’s been going on behind the scenes, stay tuned for our next blog posts or join our 88,000 community members via our Telegram group here.

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