A quick Jam Packed update

A lot of things to cover, so it’s time to give another blog update on the latest what’s happening with TuneTrade. So let’s get started!

First thing, we have evolved our tagline from “Tokenize Your Brand” to “Tokenize Your World”. We felt this fit better with our vision of helping bring the world to the next evolution in digital presence.

Next, TuneTrade sponsored our first live event in San Diego California. The event was held February 16 and SOLD OUT. Many of the team members showed up to hang out and talk crypto with anyone that wanted to geek out. The Happy Saturday House Music event was held by Kino Village. We had lots of people asking about TXT and the main platform, we were surprised how many people were interested in cryptocurrency. More events coming soon!
Check out the highlights –

When Exchange? is currently the most common question in our Telegram channel. We are just as excited as everyone to see TXT released into the crypto wild. Exchange discussions are in full swing and we are on track to have a solid announcement before the end of Q1.  

One of our strengths has always been video presentation so Taui put together a summary presentation to send to exchanges to give a more personal experience & overview of the project

Check out the video –

TuneTrade Development Keeps getting better

We are happy to announce we just signed on another fullstack developer David to help get the main flagship platform production ready. The beta will include UX improvements and new features such as:

  • Tool tips
  • Preset defaults
  • Design improvements
  • User layout improvement
  • Verification check mark submission form
  • Affiliate mentor program
  • Gamified token creation animations
  • Social sharing
  • And more

There will be a new roadmap released the end of April, so stay tuned and make sure to follow us on Twitter

TuneTrade marketing & PR strategies Will be Ramping up

Build it and they will come! This couldn’t be any further from the truth. As the TuneTrade project matures and our community grows, more and more big players are reaching out. This is a nice problem to have. Big Companies, influencers & news sites are requesting phone meetings every week to get the inside scoop.

The plan was alway to keep it low key, build the protype, build the community then upon an exchange announcement ratchet up our social media, marketing and promotions. Expect all of these to materialize very soon.

This is more than a project, it’s a family

When you join TuneTrade, you join the tribe. One of the things we pride most is our positive team environment. We said at the very beginning, if we can’t have fun and enjoy the journey, there is no reason to do it at all. So we invite anyone who has skills to contribute that wants to be a part of kick-ass tribe to reach out and let us know how you can contribute.

Areas of interest:

  • Developers
  • Community moderators
  • Translators – Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian,
  • Business & project management experience
  • Marketing & social media
  • Video editing

That being said, we would like to extend a big HIGH FIVE to our newest Telegram & Discord moderator CryptoMahi. Make sure to drop in to our Discord and say hi, he might give you a TXT tip if he likes you.