We are getting closer to the main test phase. This week we added some new features and this required improving the code architect and fixing a few more bugs.

Features include:

  • The ability for admin to add and change a TXT fee for setup creation
  • The ability for admin to add and change a % fee of a token sale if a creator decides to use the token sale opton
  • The ability for admin to set or change a % eth fee for exchange transactions.
  • The ability for a token holder to burn their tokens if they desired

This is all part of the monetization elements of the platform. We added a price change algorithm to protect users from a sudden price change. How this works is we are only allowed to change fees by a maximum of 1% once every 30 days.

So for example, if you were to create a token sale that would last 90 days on the TuneTrade platform and it currently is set to take 2% fee of the raise. We could only raise it to 4% after 2 months before the sale would end. Of course we do not plan to do something like that. We would make an announcement in advance if we plan to increase or decrease the fees. Ultimately we plan to keep fees as friendly as possible to encourage usage of the platform.

All of this can be seen in the smart contract if you are a coder and can read it, but we want to make the information transparent for everyone including users.

Here are a couple screencast showing the before and after result of some refactoring and bug hunting.