Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Get ready because we are going to to CRUSH IT in 2019!

We are happy to announce we received an early Christmas present from our developers. Our ERC20 scheduling app is complete and live on the Ethereum mainnet. We decided to develop our own scheduling app so we could include the exact features we wanted and needed for our project.

Originally we were only going to make it available to us, but after talking with some other projects that expressed interest in using our app, we decided to make it available to everyone. Now anyone or any project can use this awesome tool to drip payout their tokens out to any address. Our vision is to create applications to help new token creators utilize them to grow their communities and business. This is the first release of many to come.

ERC20 scheduling app can be found here –

With our scheduling app you can:

  • Schedule any ERC20 Token/s to be delivered at a future date. Great for vesting out your tokens
  • Setup an automatic drip feed, for example to send 1000TXT tokens to address A every 15 days.
  • Setup an automatic drip feed to begin at a future date, for example send 1000T XT to address A every 15 days but not begin for 90 days.
  • Cancel any schedule and stop any unsent tokens
  • Emergency stop all schedules. So if you had many multiple schedules setup for a project but you needed to cancel the entire thing, one button to cancel and reclaim all unsent tokens.

Full in-depth video tutorial coming later this month.

Why Develop An ERC20 Scheduling Drip Payment Application?

One of the key strategies of our token distribution is to limit the amount TXT tokens available for the next 2-4 years. What this means is all key or large token sum token holders will be vested and drip fed their tokens for the next 12-24 months. This includes:

  • Founders
  • Project tokens.
  • Partnerships
  • Collaborators
  • Charities
  • Projects that we are backing with our tokens

One thing to note is that the main project tokens, 45% of the token supply, are vested and drip fed via the original smart contract created at the beginning. This means we can not cancel them or withdraw them, they will be drip fed to the project & team over 12 months. This includes founder coins, team member coins & adoption coins.

The other 55% are being distributed in a variety of ways including using our scheduling app to drip feed any amounts larger than 20k

Welcome To The TuneTrade Club

Finally we would like extend a warm welcome to our 2 newest team members.

Ararat from Russia – Expert solidity DApp developer.

Mike from Las Vegas – Video & Tutorial expert.

The TuneTrade team is growing & the vision is maturing. We are excited to kick-off 2019 with a BANG so make sure to follow us on Twitter for play by play updates.