I think much of the Crypto industry is anxious to get this year behind us and start looking forward to an eminent bull run in 2019. So many things have happened this year in the blockchain space its hard to think of one or two events that defined the year, but instead it felt like multiple news breaking stories every month. 2018 was a year full gut wrenching emotions but ultimately it feels like adoption and interest are coming.

While the crypto space is currently bearish and full of FUD, we here at TuneTrade think this is the perfect position and timing for our project. While most ICO projects are downsizing and disappearing, we are quietly building our community & developing. The market has had a healthy correction and now things are getting back to normal. We are more excited than ever to head into 2019. Many experts are predicting 2019 to be the year of crypto adoption, exactly what our project is all about.

So lets get into some TuneTrade updates

  1. Happy to announce and welcome a new member to our Development team who goes by the name Kayaba. He is a young and fiercely talented backend blockchain dev as well as custom bot expert. We have already added a tipbot, a giveaway bot, and we are now working on a custom airdrop & redeem bot for our Discord. This is something we can duplicate for any new creator looking to grow a community fast.
  2. We just launched our new redesigned website tunetrade.io. Next will be to focus on building out our TXT store full of cool and unique products that can only be purchased with TXT token.
  3. Big news! We have decided against doing a traditional ICO or Token sale. TuneTrade is being funded privately through our own means, a few supporters, volunteers, and community contributors. We looked closely at the state of ICOs and realized there is a better way to do it. We will go more into detail of our plan in the next blog post.

TuneTrade Dapp Development Updates

  1. Our tokenizing platform has had a few more updates this week including:
    1. Found a bug that limited exchange buys to 1 ETH
    2. Fixed a bug that allows searching position trades when searching in the exchange section
    3. Updated the Soundcloud api to make sure audio works in all new project creations
    4. Upgraded our Heroku server due to an influx traffic to our website and platform
    5. Began coding a custom all in one airdrop bot that allows a community to distribute their tokens via airdrops/social bounties on Telegram, includes an affiliate bonuses system, and give participants an easy way to self serve claim their tokens in Discord. This gives any community the ability to quickly grow their community utilizing their own token.
    6. Began working on a custom quiz bot that will automatically track, quiz, level and reward recruits of our “Booyah Tribe”. BT is our learn crypto program for newbies.

If you are new to the TuneTrade project make sure to pop in to our Discord and say hi, someone from the community will usually tip you some TXT.