Behind the scenes, we’ve been brainstorming a ton of enhanced use cases to expand on how TXT will be used within our ecosystem and on the internet as a whole. Furthermore, our updated roadmap includes new dApps, a TuneTrade DEX and a whole new mechanism for community coins to expand your digital brand on sites everyone knows and loves.

The Future of User Profiling

As many of us know, one of the biggest challenges surrounding the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies is the lack of integration with platforms we all know and love. Here at TuneTrade, we’re looking to change that.

As our platform continues to grow, we plan on offering a variety of social media integrations on sites including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook along with our very own verification system (or blue check marks for those unfamiliar). Moving forward, TuneTrade creators will be able to share live streams hosted natively on our platform, allowing fans to donate community coins in real time.

Better yet, TuneTrade’s upgraded user profiling will allow for exclusive content to be released to select audiences. Similar to Patreon, we plan on allowing creators to host different subscription tiers with all membership fees being paid in unique creator coins.

It goes without saying that we want to empower our creators do to everything they can to monetize their content. With a new set of tools and a web 3.0 platform capable of accepting any ERC20 token, we’re doing just that.

Introducing CreateTrade

When it comes to viral marketing, we wanted to ensure that our community coins have the capability to reach fans anywhere in the world. As such, we’re creating a new platform for fans to interact with their favorite creators through the CreateTrade platform.

With the original version of TuneTrade, we abstracted all the technical complexity to make it incredibly straightforward for creators to customize their own unique coin. With CreateTrade, we want to take this process to the next level by providing additional functionalities and ways to spread your creator coin across communities at large.

With use-cases including but not limited to augmented reality scavenger hunts, collaborative studio sessions and philanthropic fundraising, CreateTrade will serve as the perfect medium for any creator to optimize their interactions with their fans on a regular basis. The possibilities are endless, and we’re always fielding new ideas via our Telegram channel.

TuneTrade DEX

In order for our ecosystem to be successful, we recognized the need for community coins to have liquidity on secondary markets. Rather than tasking our creators with approaching exchanges themselves, we’ve created our very own TuneTrade DEX, making it possible to swap your community coin against the most well known ERC20 tokens on the market.

Once launched, our DEX will automatically list community coins against TXT trading pairs upon creation. We plan on listing 50+ of the top ERC20 assets to provide a one-stop shop when it comes to interacting with the cryptocurrency market at large.

To start, our trading pairs will require users to hold a small amount of ether ($ETH) to cover transaction fees. In the future, we’ll be implementing a mechanism for TXT to be used as primary currency for all transaction fees.

Users can expect the first version of our DEX to go live no later than the end of September.

TuneTrade Wallets

When it comes to the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, it should come as no surprise that mobile-based light wallets are of vital importance. As such, we’re currently working on building a native TuneTrade wallet which will be supported on all iOS and Android devices. Our wallet will provide an intuitive mechanism to store your creator coins along with all of the ERC20 tokens supported on the TuneTrade DEX.

As it relates to our larger token economy, our wallets will allow TXT to be used as a means for withdrawing currencies from the wallet. In this sense, we always want to continue to expand on the different ways holding TXT can further enhance the TuneTrade experience at large. 


We’ve put a lot of time and effort into mapping out the next few years here at TuneTrade. If you’re interested in seeing when these updates and more will go live, please reference our full updated roadmap here.

We would be nothing without the support of our growing community and we thank you for your participation so far to date. Be sure to stay up to date with all our latest updates for unique rewards and promotions announced exclusively through our social media channels below.

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